Times of personal tragedy aside, I’m sure for many 2020 was on average, the worst year ever. We’ve all been tested in ways we didn’t imagine before we entered an actual world wide pandemic. And it wasn’t just the pandemic was it, and our worst in the developed world response to it. It was also the daily stress of Trump and the alternative informational universe parts of the country live in, the assault on the semblance of democracy we have, and his autocratic machinations while his enablers allowed him to get away with more than any president before him. It was another round of constantly over due racial reckoning in America, whose problems birthed our nation and continue into the known future. It was the reminders of our precarious environmental reality via the wildfires and other indicators that continue unchecked. It was RBG dying and another Trump appointee. It was the election and it’s Facebook and right wing media enabled disinformation deluge, fucking Q Anon bullshit and other widely believed bonkers fantasies. That at least culminated in November in a Thank Goddess moment that Trump lost the election, though I’m horrified to see 74 million Americans wanted 4 more years of what we just experienced.

The Winter surge is awful, killing about a 911 (or more) every day in America. Hail the scientists who moved a vaccine to fruition so quickly, but America is botching the roll out so far. Kinda sorta feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s no way this all won’t leave a mark. And by mark, I mean trauma.  Trauma not transformed gets transferred. Might be a great time to start therapy.  There’s some things we can handle on our own, and there’s some things it’s just smart to get help with.  You might change your own tire on your car, but you’re likely needing help if you need to replace the transmission (or pick your metaphor…).

For further thoughts, I liked this linked article in the NYT:

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